Managing a retail store calls for a range of administrative, management & operative skills. From ensuring that there's enough inventory to putting together monthly sales reports, these skills are necessary in ensuring that your store runs smoothly. Having an efficient Point Of Sale (POS) system can go a long way in making sure that all your operations are running smoothly.

POS software is best suitable for Retail & Hospitality business. It has a feature to stores the information and maintains the data in cloud. SIMPOS software provides a huge range of capabilities such as billing and order processing, sales monitoring and reporting, inventory tracking, returns, analytics, mobile connectivity, customer data management, employee management, and loyalty programs.

point of sale
Effective Management

No more waiting on the table for the orders. Simplifying distribution of tokens to customer support with time to time alerts.

Minimising the wait

Orders are received by the kitchen and printed for fast and accurate means of service

No Mismatch

The finest billing is prepared by the admin as per the captain's notification

  • Easy to use Interface
  • Multi-Printer Support
  • Cloud based Online Management
  • Supplier Recording
  • Loyalty Program
  • Fast Ordering
  • Stock Threshold Monitor
  • Discount & Surcharges
  • HOT Selling
  • Low Stock Management
  • Filter System
  • Waste Management
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